Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Microsoft has offered a monthly subscription to the Office for the iPad

Microsoft has provided users of Office for the iPad the new tariff plan for access to all functionality of the package. Now, in addition to the annual subscription can be paid for the use of the programs for a month. Monthly subscription is designed for users who regularly use mobile Office.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint to iPad can be downloaded for free, but users will need to purchase a subscription to Office 365 cloud service, to create and edit documents, and not just view them. Office suite 365 Personal, designed for home users, costs $ 7 a month. The tariff allows subscription to Office from one computer plus one tablet.
Subscription Office 365 Home with the ability to use the program on up to five computers and five plates will cost $ 10 per month compared to $ 100 per year. Thus, when you make an annual subscription the user will save $ 14 and $ 20 per year, respectively. In both subscriptions to Office 365 user gets 1TB of cloud storage and 60 minutes of international calls via Skype.
Previously, users have found that Microsoft left in the Office for the iPad to gain access to all functions of the application without buying a paid account. To edit, create and save files, it is not necessary to pay for a subscription Office 365. sufficient to find the username and password of the existing paid account, for example, borrow it from a friend, and then enter the data in any of the Office applications for the iPad and get full functionality in all applications.Once the device is authorized, it does not matter what the user will work with applications - whether he has an account of Office 365 or not. All users authorized iPad will have access to all functions.
The number of tablets that can be activated on one account to Office 365, unlimited. More precisely, according to the user agreement, activated can be no more than five tablets, but Microsoft does not keep records of the number of devices activated on one account. In Redmond confirmed that this is indeed the case, adding that they are counting on the good faith users.