Monday, September 29, 2014

Waze navigator will help you easily find a parked car

Waze social navigator updated to version 2.9. In the latter apdeyte developers added a feature "place", allows you to add useful information to other motorists, search auto-complete and the ability to automatically save parking places. Upload a new version of the application can be from the App Store right now.

Launched five years ago, a project of the same name of the Israeli company - the only one of its competitors branded cards in iOS, which has managed to increase the number of active users on the background of the output cards Apple. The popularity of this application is explained by the concept, aimed at "promoting and benefits" for all road users - users Waze.Just moving from the running program, you already share information with the local community of drivers. Also you can get from others and send the data itself incidents, hazards, police ambushes and other events on the road.
Waze is now possible to add and edit new places on the map, photographs and accompanying them with useful information for other motorists. This function, according to the creators of the service, the application is doing "more social". As you know, all the maps and their content are generated in Waze drivers themselves.
In addition, updating the opportunity to find a parking space. Waze own stores the coordinates and makes it easy to find a parked car.
Features Waze 3.9 for iPhone and iPad:
In Waze there place. Help to make information about local facilities accurate and up to date!
  • Easily add and edit your site.
  • Add useful information for motorists
  • Add photos to help others find this place
  • Move c Waze until parking. Parking space will be saved automatically.
  • In addition, you will help Waze know where to find parking and how long you can park there
  • Search with autosuggest
  • Numerous bug fixes and improved optimization
Waze can be downloaded for free from the App Store . The application is compatible with iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 6 and up.