Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Seagate began shipping the world's first hard disk capacity of 8 TB

Seagate is the beginning of serial deliveries of hard disk capacity of 8 TB. In the drive to record the amount of memory used by special technology Shingled Magnetic Recording (Magnetic Recording overlapping tracks).

Performance is not strong drive, made in the form factor of 3.5 inches, it is more suitable for long-term storage and data backup. The developers of the Seagate hard drives describe such as Archive HDD, where the emphasis is on reliability and energy efficiency. In addition to the volume of 8TB models are available 5 to 6 TB and TB, each of them will be available in versions Secure (security) and Standart (standard). Relating to the lineup Secure drives offer hardware encryption.
Spindle speed is 5900 rpm/min, the amount of cache memory 128 MB, the average read/write speed - 150/190 MB/s MTBF - 800000 hours. Drives from Seagate will be the first commercial launch of technology Shingled Magnetic Recording, although there are developments and competitors such as Western Digital and HGST. Increased data density occurs here at the expense of performance. One magnetic plate placed 1.33 terabytes of data, so for 8 TB uses six plates. This allows to reduce the production cost, noise, vibration and heat.

The cost of an 8-terabyte disk drive Seagate is $ 260. In this case, the cost of storing 1 GB of data - 3 cents, given three-year warranty. The debut model in Europe is expected in January.