Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dashlane password manager allows you to change all passwords on websites in a single click [video]

Everyone knows that it is necessary to come up with complex and unique password, because attackers are on the alert and are constantly developing new ways to gain access to the personal data of users. However, the vast majority of people do not bother to such a task. Most often, users have a simple password, which is listed in all registered profiles. At best, it is one and the same set of letters with slight variations at the beginning or end of a word.

But the complex, and thus well-protected password - this is especially true in the case of security threats such as Heartbleed, because this vulnerability was exposed to a lot of web sites at the beginning of this year. To avoid it, you had to go to each site and manually change the password. According to Pcweek, the company introduced a new feature Dashlane Password Changer, which takes the hassle associated with the change password on the site.
Password Manager Password Changer displays a list of password-protected web services.The user makes a click on the site for which you want to change the password and the tool will automatically change them on new and more complex. At present, the tool supports 70 popular sites, including Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon and Twitter.In Dashlane promise that this list will soon be extended.

The main function of a password manager is obviously storing passwords. By the way, access to all stored in the Password Changer data can be accessed from any computer via the browser. And another useful function - Security Dashboard. In this section, you can see the view of the strength of passwords, as well as the frequency of their use. If on the other hand some sites worth a red stripe, is better to change your password. Dashlane also prepares a function that will automatically change passwords at regular intervals, such as every month.
Dashlane Password Manager saves and synchronizes your registration information and automatically applies it when you need to enter a specific website (users log on to Password Manager with a single master password).

To access the Password Changer, you need to register . Dashlane can be used free of charge on the same device, and Dashlane Premium costs $ 40 a year, if you want to synchronize your login information across multiple devices.