Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The legendary "Heroes of Might and Magic III» will be released on the iPad

One of the best games of the series Heroes of Might & Magic reissue in high definition. Turn-based strategy, first published in January 1999, will appear on mobile devices with iOS and Android.

On the preparation of the third remake of "Heroes" the company said Ubisoft, which owns the rights to the series of strategies. Along with the mobile version of the project will be released an updated version for the PC, which will be called «Might & Magic Heroes III HD Edition».
Published promised to support large-format screens, 7 exciting story campaign, 48 different maps and better graphics. Original "Heroes" worked in a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, now it will not meet even on smartphones, not to mention the plates. Therefore, the game had to be redrawn. It is reported that it took 30,000 man-hours have been changed 25,000 items graphics. To demonstrate the updated pictures showed video from Ubisoft redraw Hydra.
In "Heroes" will not be online multiplayer, but will be local, apparently, you can play together on one device. Another negative point: will only be reissued after the first "Heroes III", namely - "Restoration of Erathia"; additions "Armageddon's Blade" and "Shadow of Death" plastic surgery is not subjected to because of problems with access to the source code.

Price for a remake of "Heroes of Might and Magic III" has not yet announced. The game will be released on computers, iPad and Android tablets January 29, 2015.