Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Apple iPhone will learn to create 3D-model of the surrounding area

Apple has registered a new patent application, which sheds light on the possibilities of the future generation iPhone and iPad. This week the company unveiled a patent for topographic laser system allows you to scan the surrounding area using a smartphone. Using the technology of computer vision, iPhone will learn to distinguish between the space around it and create his three-dimensional model.

Technology is based on the projection of the laser beam with the capture of reflection by a built-in sensor. Beam deflection are recorded and processed to produce three-dimensional model of the scanned object or space. Google has previously experimented with 3D-scanning project, called Project Tango. But if the emphasis was on the use of multiple cameras instead of the laser emitter.
With the implementation of this technology, developers will be able to create 3D-applications based on the technology of computer vision and pattern recognition signals around. It is possible that users can download on the Apple maps they have created three-dimensional models of urban landscapes.
Whether the company will use the new technology for the conclusion of major commercial transactions or simply to provide users with new technology, is still unknown. In any case, this is a step towards a more accessible and precise mobile 3D-scanning, suitable for creating digital models.
On the timing of the implementation of the patented technology is traditionally not reported.