Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 functions Samsung Galaxy S6, which are not in the iPhone 6

April 10 Samsung starts selling the world the latest version of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and "curved" modification Galaxy S6 Edge . Since at the moment, this phone is the most advanced in the lineup of smartphones the company, many IT-resources compare it with the iPhone 6.

In fact, Galaxy S6 its parameters directly copies the nearest competitor and the main "ideological enemy" from Apple. Such comparisons are caused by design smartphone support payment system Samsung Pay, the appearance of headphones and the advent of a new fingerprint sensor. Even the name, to put it mildly, like («S6» and "6"). Critics accuse the Korean company in its "constant plagiarism". Defenders of the same brand, on the other hand, claim that gadgets have nothing in common and are reminded that the fingerprint scanning technology was invented decades ago and even used in some laptops Samsung.
The publication features listed BGR Galaxy S6, which are absent in top smartphone Apple.There are among them as quite useful in real life, and completely unnecessary features. More on this later in the article iPhoneBul.

1. Fast Charge Technology

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge technology supports fast charging. 10 minutes, holding a smartphone in the power adapter, provide up to 4 hours of battery life. According to the manufacturer, the technology and a half times more efficient than in S5.

2. Support for wireless charging

Korean flagship supports wireless charging, which uses a special dual-channel technology.According to official information, it allows significantly faster charge the device. And Galaxy S6 supports not only the common protocol Qi, but other standards for wireless transmission of energy. Thus, the user does not have to worry about compatibility with the charger.

3. Multi-mode

The flagship of Samsung allows you to work with two programs simultaneously. Due to the multi-mode can be, for example, at the same time to watch videos and surf the Internet.

4. "Smart" notification

Thanks Curved Display Galaxy S6 edge can display on its side with useful information - time, date, notifications, etc. Moreover, even when the main display is off, and the gadget is in standby mode. Also part of the screen can be used as a nighttime hours. This function is not available in the iPhone 6.

5. To see who's calling without picking up a smartphone

This is also true for model Galaxy S6 edge. When one of your favorite contacts receive a call or an SMS-message, on the edge of the display a colored line, the color of which corresponds to a specific contact.

6. Remote control TV

Another feature is quite controversial new smartphone Samsung - built-in infrared sensor. It provides the opportunity to use the device as a remote control, suitable to almost every TV, cable box or home theater.

7. Broad support for mobile payments

Technology built into the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, allows you to pay for goods, only raising a gadget to the reader at the store checkout. Using the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone will be the authorization of payments, as implemented in Apple.
But unlike Apple Pay, a payment system Samsung Pay NFC technology is used in addition to the MST - «magnetic secure transmission" used POS-terminals for contactless payments with mobile devices without the need to make changes to the software. Due to this, the possibility for the use of Samsung Pay, imitating the method of payment by credit card, much wider than the Apple Pay. While, as payments via Apple Pay supported 220,000 retail outlets in US Samsung Pay users 30 million available outlets.

8. Tracking AF

In the camera in Galaxy S6 has a mode of continuous tracking of moving objects. If you set the focus to the desired object, the unit will monitor it and automatically focus the camera.

9. Run the camera by double-clicking

To launch the camera from anywhere in the operating system Galaxy S6, just double click on Home. This function works in the case when the phone is in the locked position. The iPhone 6 will first need to activate the display.

10. Heart Rate Monitor

In Galaxy S6 manufacturer has focused on monitoring the health and for this purpose the device has an optical sensor heart rate. Enough for a few seconds to press a finger to the window of the scanner (located next to the camera on the rear side) to produce a measured pulse wave component and heart rate. It is noteworthy that iPhone owners can turn your smartphone into a heart rate without additional equipment. Applications from the App Store sufficiently precisely determine your heart rate using the smartphone's camera .