Sunday, March 29, 2015

What is the most useful app for Apple Watch

One of the most popular applications in the iOS-category efficiency to move to Apple Watch. Cross-platform scheduler Wunderlist received an update and now allows you to manage tasks on the screen wearing device Apple.

The point of creating Wunderlist for Apple Watch is not just miniaturization applications for the new platform, the developers say. The aim is to rethink software providing productive handling even at very short interactions clock for several seconds.
"Meet Wunderlist for Apple Watch! How is your most personal task-manager, the application intelligently integrates your lists, tasks, and memos on the wrist of your hand to help solve the case on the go.
To show what is most important to you at this point, we have created a special regime for the Home View version for Apple Watch. Here you can quickly get all of your most important tasks via "smart" lists, and if you need access to a specific set of tasks, simply scroll the screen using the wheel Digital Crown.
Wunderlist for Apple Watch also helps you stay up to date, thanks to the support and reminders mode Glance. The app will notify you if colleagues or friends to share with you my list".
Wunderlist on the watches does not replace the applications on the phone, it complements it. So conceived Apple Watch, and this approach is the basis of the application, the developers.
Wunderlist is free and is available in the entire range of devices - from smart watches to desktop computers. If the program that does not take money, provides ample opportunities for creativity and planning. Especially appreciated by those who have, for example, Android phones and iPad, as well want to plan without restrictions.