Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adobe introduced the application Comp CC to create layouts for iPad [Video]

Adobe has expanded its line of software products for the iPad. New application Comp CC lets you easily create layouts of websites, mobile applications and printing products.
Comp CC-4

The idea of ​​release for quickly creating layouts in Adobe doing for the last few years. Comp CC allows you to quickly sketch ideas using real objects for print, mobile devices or publication on the web pages. With it, designers can begin to develop a project on the iPad and shut down the computer in any of three popular software: InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator.
Comp CC-3
As a digital version of the drawing "by hand" is not much point, the application recognizes gestures and turns them into various interface elements. For example, to create multiple lines of text just enough to draw them in the form of lines. Several movements you can add images, titles, text boxes and shapes.
Comp CC-2
Projects are saved as a single file with a never-ending story, eliminating the need to use version control systems. The entire development process can be incrementally demonstrate flipping slides three fingers. In addition, you can export any intermediate version.
Adobe Comp CC for iPad is available for download for free at this link . Using the program provides for account Create Cloud.