Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apple has banned Chinese copy their best Apple Store

With fake iPhone or iPad, you can't surprise people, but here in China have gone further - local businessmen began to open fake Apple Store, mimic the flagship stores Apple. A few years ago in China there was a chain of stores , which copies the entire corporate style interiors epplovskih shops, even the staff go to the characteristic blue shirts with logos of the American company.

Apple has decided to deal with the unexpected form of piracy very specific way. This week the Cupertino-based company received a patent for a new flagship store «West Lake» in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. This Apple Store was one of five that opened its doors on the eve of the New Year on the Chinese calendar.
Patent under the number 1401421 describes the construction of a glass building. The design is drawn from the outlet shape Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco, which has a transparent glass fa├žade, behind which there is a trading floor, divided into 2 floors. As the inventors appear store employees of Apple.
In September 2011, Apple has patented architecture and design firm shop in Shanghai. Apple Store in Shanghai looks like a glass cylinder of the staircase which leads to the space located under the ground. In the past, Apple has patented the design of the famous store Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York.
Design the Apple Store is one of the main components of the success of the retail Apple.Just one quarter of last year, almost 100 million people made purchases in the 424 outlets of American corporations worldwide. Manufacturer iPhone and iPad gets more profit per square meter of their retail space than any other player in the retail market in the United States.