Monday, March 30, 2015

Buyers Apple Watch Edition will receive around the clock technical support and 3-year warranty

Potential buyers of Apple Watch get up to 15 minutes to get acquainted with the first smart watches from Apple. At the same time to communicate with those who are going to buy a gold version of new items, branded stores employees of the American company will allocate 60 minutes. However, this is not the only preferences for buyers of expensive Apple Watch Edition.

From April 10, Apple will provide everyone an opportunity to try different models of branded watches. Special customers hold in a separate area of ​​the store where they will have half an watches to study the device. To reduce the risk of theft of the most expensive versions of Apple Watch manufacturer, in most cases, will be asked to show no more than two models of Apple Watch Edition. Customers who wish to buy gold modification, will be served by the most qualified employees Apple Store, passed special courses.
When a visitor is determined by choice, he may make an order on the spot or later to contact Virtual Personal Setup. This client service that helps in video conferencing with Apple consultants choose the appropriate version of a gold watch or a basic model in stainless steel. Buyers Apple Watch Edition is available round the watches technical support for 2 years, and plan AppleCare Protection Plan will extend the service to 3 years.
In the online Apple store will have the option of delivery Apple Watch Edition to the desired point of sale where the customer can hold in your hand smart watches before buying.
Apple previously described in detail the steps of creating a premium versions of "smart" watches. According to the chief designer Jonathan Quince used alloy not only looks beautiful, but also twice as stronger than usual gold. The display is protected by a coating of polished sapphire glass and elegant strap is a striking addition. Altogether Edition Collection includes eight models.
Because of the high price of gold version of "smart" watches Apple has introduced increased security measures similar to those adopted in jewelry stores. Copies will be displayed on the trading floor, but on the night of Apple employees will remove them in special safes. They also will be kept stocks devices intended for sale.
Apple Watch Edition-based alloy of gold - the most expensive in the line of smart watches Apple, price modifications size 38 and 42 mm starts with markers $ 10,000 and $ 12,000, respectively, and goes up to $ 17,000 for the model with a buckle in 18-carat gold.