Monday, March 30, 2015

Auxo Legacy Edition: classic design multitasking for iOS 8 [Cydia]

In Cydia came out "classic version" of the popular jailbreak tweak Auxo. It is about developing Auxo Legacy Edition, Senty announced in late February. The superstructure is available for download in the standard repositories jailbreak store.

Panel interface multitasking Apple's mobile platform has not changed since the iOS 4 to iOS 6. Those last four icons of open programs, the same buttons to control the media player, volume level and screen rotation lock. In iOS 7, Apple has done a redesign panel using "live" cards.
Auxo considered one of the best jailbreak utilities in Cydia. Even before the announcement of iOS 7, the creator of this tweak is proposed to apply to the panel multitasking iPhone and iPad instead of simple icons miniature versions of screens showing the status of active tasks, as well as multi-touch gestures. It is said that with the filing A3tweaks appeared in iOS multitasking this design.
Auxo Legacy Edition is a bar at the bottom of the screen with a small interactive cards. This design corresponds to the first version Auxo, adjusted for Skeuomorph. With the release of iOS 7, as you know, has changed the face of multitasking: panel applications combined with the control point, in this case, the programs have come to occupy half of the screen.
Auxo Legacy Edition created by popular demand of users attracted to the first embodiment of multitasking. This is the "old school" version of the popular tweak: card here that shows the active tasks are at the bottom and occupy a smaller portion of the screen. This section supports multi-mode and gesture swipe left section opens with the system buttons and media player.
Auxo Legacy Edition offers many special options. The user can customize gestures "swipe up" and "swipe down" for interactive cards, control the player, hide unwanted sections of the panel.
For new customers tweak will cost $ 1.99. Members Auxo 2 and 3 can purchase Auxo Auxo Legacy Edition for $ 0.99.