Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cover Brik Case for MacBook will appreciate Lego fans [video]

Introduced in 1949 in the Danish designer "Lego" has long ceased to be just a toy - it is a cultural phenomenon, covering design, fashion and art. It spawned an entire industry of various goods. More than 60 years, not only children but also adults enthusiastically collected machines, robots and the whole city from the universal "bricks".

If you are looking for an unusual case for your MacBook, and sometimes do not make a couple of buildings away from the popular designer, then you'll probably like the new project team Jolt Team called Brik Case. Brik Case is a platform for "Lego". The holder can be used to create any objects or art projects.
Case made of several types of high quality plastic - over the outside of the hard and soft inside. Members accessory can create your own composition, which will decorate Brik Case - nothing in this complicated. In Jolt Team accessory called "the most customizable case for MacBook".
Case performs primarily defensive function, although has an original appearance and is available with a range of additional details, licensed manufacturer designer.
The project has received a good response to the Kickstarter - at the time of his notes to financially support more than 220 people. Brik Case for a few days got a third of the required amount. Delivery of the first covers in case of success will be carried out by August. The basic cost of new items is $ 30.