Sunday, March 29, 2015

iOS - the second most popular OS on US government websites

The US government has published statistics on the distribution of mobile and desktop operating systems and browsers, visits the site of government agencies in the past 90 days. Apple's mobile platform was in the ranking in second place.

Over which operating system is the most popular time to think it is not necessary, because the long-term leadership keeps Windows. More precisely, Windows Desktop - on its accounting for 58.5% of visits to sites of the US government. The popularity of smartphones and tablets in the US Apple iOS ensured second place with a share of 16.4%. The third place goes Android with a value of 13.9%. Desktop platform Apple - OS X - boasts a result of 9.2%.
As for the version of Windows, then, as the oszone , leader of Windows 7 with a share of 41.6%. In second place comes with Windows 8.1 to 9.8%, and the third Windows XP with only 3.4%. In the statistics from Net Applications Windows XP and 8 / 8.1 in reverse order. It can be concluded that most of the Windows XP accounts for outdated home computers, while organizations update their PCs more quickly.
Windows Phone in the statistics is missing: its share in the United States account for only 2.8% of the smartphone market, so that the number of visitors to government websites WP minimal. The release of Windows 10 will allow in the future to combine data on the desktop and mobile versions of Windows together.
As for the browser, then Chrome is leading with a value of 34.8%, then goes Internet Explorer - 28,4%, Safari - 20,1% and Firefox - 11%.