Sunday, March 29, 2015

Apple asked the court to refuse to consider the claim about the lack of memory on the iPhone and iPad

Modern smart phones, including the iPhone, despite the enormous progress in reducing the cost of flash memory, are often sold only with a 16-gigabyte built-in storage. And if the majority of Android-devices it is not such a big problem because of microSD-cards, the iPhone and iPad this is not possible.

Earlier this year, two residents of Miami (FL) and Christopher Paul Orsha Endara sued Apple, accusing the company is that it incorrectly indicates the amount of memory available to users, and after updating iPhone 5s to iOS 7 on iOS 8 available space is further reduced.The plaintiffs claim that California corporation deliberately does not tell potential buyers facts that may affect the purchase. The indictment, inter alia, states: "It is quite ironic that Apple calls iOS 8 biggest release of iOS. Of course, the company does not associate it with a literal OS volume in bytes, which are not reported in any of his numerous marketing materials, extolling the virtues of iOS 8 ".
According to the plaintiffs, the amount of memory occupied by the iOS 8 platform, was larger than expected volume in the range from 600 MB to 1.3 GB. Also in the Apple lawsuit charged that used the unexpectedly small amount of memory, in order to force customers to purchase one of the tariff plans iCloud.
This week, Apple asked the federal court to discontinue consideration of this case. Lawyers for the company believe that the plaintiffs did not provide conclusive evidence of the fact of fraud. "As with all software ever written, the mobile operating system iOS, ensuring the functioning of the device, the device uses more resources, including memory capacity" - said in a statement producer iPhone.
Apple pays attention to two important from her point of view of the moment. First, the plaintiffs failed to find convincing evidence of the grounds for their expectations about the amount of memory in the documentation. Also, the plaintiffs did not indicate that a paid subscription to iCloud possible only in case of an update service options. Standard conditions include free allocation unit owner on iOS five gigabytes of storage cloud storage that are compensated by "losses" associated with "excessive" volume memory to install iOS 8.
In a statement, Apple also notes that the plaintiffs purchased the 16 GB iPhone 5s smartphones and iPhone 6 plus the iPad is not specified version, but the allegations made and on the 8- and 16-gigabyte iPhone, iPad and iPod without sufficient grounds for this.