Monday, March 30, 2015

Magnetic nozzle on the switch allows you to control the lighting in the house with your smartphone

Most of the standard circuit breakers installed in the apartment by a special hardware connection. In the market there are "smart" analogues that can be controlled remotely via smartphones and computers. But their use is necessary to install that takes time and can spoil the interior.

Authors of the project Switchmate decided to consider this aspect and developed a "smart" nozzle for standard switches, which can be used to remotely control the lighting in the house.The device is a small plastic "box" which is installed on top of the circuit breaker to normal room light with a magnet. Currently, the device supports a limited number of models of switches, but the developers promise to gradually solve this problem.
After installing Switchmate switch, you can still use it by pressing the key, but also light devices can be controlled from your smartphone by installing a special application. With it you can remotely turn on and off lights in the room and even set the timer on the team whose light will turn ON or OFF at the same time.
During the fundraising site Indiegogo authors ideas were over 160 000 dollars to manufacture Switchmate, although initially calculated in the amount of 50,000 dollars. It is expected that the first deliveries of the device will begin in December. The cost of such a device is $ 45, and a set of two, three and five units will cost $ 80, $ 110 and $ 165 respectively.