Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Samsung announced Galaxy Blade Edge - the world's first "smart" knife for fans of Instagram

Samsung introduced the world's first "smart" knife Galaxy Blade Edge.

This model knife carries a all the same features as the smartphone Galaxy S6, reports Dpdroid. In particular, Galaxy Blade Edge is running Android 5.0, the latest version has a firm shell TouchWiz. In addition to all this, "smart" knife has a built-in camera, which allows users to take pictures not only of finished dishes, but also photos of the cooking process.
Galaxy Blade Edge has a blade with a diamond face and ceramic knob, which enables users to use the device as a full kitchen knife. It is also worth noting that the "smart" knife will be placed on the market with several options handle: wood Olive, stainless steel, and even from the "mammoth tusk."
Thanks to the development of proprietary Samsung Knox, knife Galaxy Blade Edge is completely safe for humans. In the blade there is a special sensors detect the finger, which virtually eliminates any cuts. Also, the knife is always alert you to the presence of microbes, which are the ingredients of which you are going to cook something. In addition, a "smart" knife is waterproof and fireproof. The kit even includes a special stylus that can be used not only as a tool to communicate with the Galaxy Blade Edge, but also as a thermometer.
Overall, the Samsung representatives believe that the Galaxy Blade Edge, will be one of the most necessary tools for modern chefs and fans of Instagram. With the new products, there is no more need to buy a knife and smartphone separately.
But seriously, in South Korea on April 1, which means that the Galaxy Blade Edge just a joke Samsung. Happy Holidays!