Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today Apple celebrates 39th birthday

It is necessary to dig a well in the history of computer technology to find a company that gave the industry and the whole of humanity in general, such a number of innovations. It is destined to change the views of the seemingly complicated things computerize people who previously did not want to use computers in everyday life and in every possible way to break stereotypes. She will do it further, because it is now in the prime of life. Now she is only 39 years old.

Exactly 39 years ago, two of Steve organized almost clandestine manufacture of computers in his garage. Another young company Apple Computers gradually began to gain momentum later on, but at the end of the 80s of the last century its condition deteriorated rapidly. Its losses reached unprecedented proportions and amounted to about $ 2 billion. Creator, inspirer California forges macbooks then Steve Jobs was fired from the company, but in 1997 he returned to make his creation even more powerful.
And he did it. In 2001, Jobs introduced the first player iPod. After a few years selling iPod has become a major source of revenue. Under the leadership of Steve Jobs Apple by 2006 significantly strengthened its position in the PC market, helped by the transition to high-performance Mac processors from Intel. And then there were iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
Congratulations to Apple with another birthday! Conquering new heights, revolutionary devices brilliant ideas!