Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge did not pass the test for moisture resistance [video]

Videoblogger nick Keaton published rollers, which makes the process of testing a new flagship smartphone Samsung's resistance to moisture and shock. Both videos are available on YouTube-channel TechSmartt.

To the surprise of the author's drop test, the glass screen and glass rear panel Galaxy S6 edge managed to break only when butted news on the asphalt by these two parties. In most cases, when the smartphone "accidentally" slipped out of his hands, kick fell to a solid metal frame that almost did not harm the gadget. In total, before on the glass cracks, Galaxy S6 Edge survived five falls to the pavement from a height of 110 to 180 centimeters.
A few days ago was published on YouTube video, in which she tried to break Samsung Galaxy S6, throwing him to the floor: the smartphone has appeared unharmed.
In the fight against moisture Galaxy S6 edge had more complicated. Put water in the machine broke down about 20 minutes. Then became: reboot, go out, and etc. And no wonder - the water still managed to get into the housing. Thus, the test showed that Galaxy S6 edge immersed in water is very undesirable. Author of the test noted that in this case it is necessary to take into account the lack of moisture protection to the Galaxy S6 Edge.
Despite the apparent senselessness of such tests, users try to create a relatively realistic conditions. After all, what they do, can happen in life. The most pointless test equipment, released on video sharing previously recognized brew iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola .