Sunday, March 29, 2015

The legendary Super Mario 64 launched on the iPhone 6 [Video]

Developer Eric Rostin Ross released a browser version of the game Super Mario 64 HD. Using the Unity he recreated the first level of the cult project to show the possibilities of his instrument to create animations «Super Character Controller».

Since the Unity project can be ported to different operating systems, the programmer James Fetch from Mobot adapted it for the iPhone, adding screen elements for character control.He handed assembly TouchArcade, who recorded on the iPhone 6 short demo video.
Project Super Mario 64 came out in 1996 on the console Nintendo 64. This game was the best-selling to its platform and one of the best selling in history (entered in the Guinness Book of Records). Super Mario 64 has received numerous awards and repeatedly fell on prizes lists of "the best games of all time".
Not so long ago, Nintendo announced its intention to enter the mobile gaming market with their own products. For a long time the Japanese company ignored the mobile industry, but now the situation has changed: Nintendo has partnered with the publisher DeNA to create their own games for the "smart" devices.
In games, Nintendo will present the characters already owned franchises, while they themselves play projects will be designed specifically for mobile platforms. At the same time expect to see Super Mario on the iPhone is not necessary - the old games ported to smartphones will not.