Tuesday, March 31, 2015

uHandy: miniature microscope for iPhone with a 200-fold increase in [video]

For smartphones and tablets Apple there are so many accessories - telephoto, wide-angle lenses and nozzles with 4, 8 or even 20-fold increase. To describe the diversity of the latter does not seem possible, but some are attracted particular attention. For example nozzle microscope uHandy Microscope.

Gadget name speaks for itself - it's a portable microscope for smartphones that can magnify images up to 200 times. The picture is broadcast on the screen of the mobile device.
Image receives directly the camera gadget through which it is transmitted to the display.Microscope objective joins smartphones and tablets using the attachment. For iPhone developed a special case and adapter. Provides illumination - in stock a small LED that allows illuminate the environment in complete darkness or in the dark, as well as to check the watermarks on most paper banknotes. Power is supplied by three batteries LR1130.
This unit is designed for the iPhone, although it is not visible obstacles to its use to other smartphones (you need to use a special holder).
uHandy Microscope will be available to order soon. The cost of the device has not yet announced.