Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alcatel has opened pre-orders for "smart" watch with a round screen OneTouch Watch

Fashion on the worn on the human body "smart" device is gaining momentum. Alcatel has opened pre-orders for their own smart watch, filed under the name OneTouch Watch and enclosed in a round case. The model differs from its competitors not only more affordable price, but compatibility at once with two operating systems - iOS and Android.

Smart watches Alcatel work based on proprietary platform company. 1.22-inch display has a resolution of 240 × 204, support for 262,000 colors and oleophobic coating. However, it is not quite round. As is the case with Moto 360 has a small bottom segment inactive. At Motorola devices there is light sensor.
Watches come with a variety of options dials and a set of applications to keep track of the daily activity of the owner: a built-in pedometer OneTouch Watch and Heart Rate Monitor.Operating system features include remote control music playback and photography, broadcast notifications. Also able to monitor the pulse of the clock and watch out for sleep.
Alcatel OneTouch Watch enclosed in a metal enclosure of 10.5 mm thickness and will be available in several colors. The gadget is protected from water according to the rating IP67.
The novelty is based on a hardware platform and ST Micro ST429 is equipped with a battery capacity of 210 mAh. According to Alcatel, on full charge OneTouch Watch can run from two to five days, depending on usage. To charge the gadget used interface USB.
Cost watches, able to work with smartphones running iOS 7 and Android 4.3 (or higher) is $ 149.99. Leave a pre-order on the site of the company.