Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apple called on all developers to create applications for Apple Watch

Apple invited developers to participate in the creation of applications that support "smart" watch Apple Watch. This, in particular, the company said in a newsletter for programmers, registered in the program iPhone Developer Standard and Enterprise.

"The time is now. Apple Watch will go on sale on April 24th. Prepare your WatchKit-application and submit them for approval right now!
After passing the Review and Release iPhone users will receive the update and see the icon WatchKit expansion in the program description in the App Store. Small group of people who already have their hands on Apple Watch, will be able to use WatchKit until April 24, so make sure you work all of your applications. If you want your application to support WatchKit appeared simultaneously with the start of sales of Apple Watch, set the release date for the update manually on April 24" - said in a dispatch Apple.
Meanwhile it is known that the developers WatchKit-applications face a number of unusual problems for them. Firstly, we have to work with a completely unknown platform. They do not know exactly how it works, most of them have never seen Apple Watch live, and no one can predict what will be used by the smart watch and what applications can become popular.
The inability to hold in your hand Apple Watch difficult to work even with scrolling wheel using the Digital Crown - it is impossible to predict how the wheel and how it scrolls - easy, with effort, fast or slow. In addition, the gadget is added display technology Force Touch, details of which are still very few.
As for the experience of working with applications on Apple Watch, then developers have to rely only on the description of the journalists who managed to test the wearable computer Apple.