Monday, April 6, 2015

Alive Time: live time

That the length of day and night at a certain point of the globe varies depending on the date and geographic coordinates of this point (latitude and longitude) - well-known fact. Conventional analog watches, which we are all accustomed to use, show us the time, it is not tied to the actual length of day and night at a particular point of the Earth. 

They only represent a model of ideal hours, day and night, which lasts for 12 hours. But perfect regular hours are only during the fall and spring equinox (September 22 - 23 and 20 - March 21) at the zero meridian and meridians multiple of 15 degrees (there are 24). Then the clock perfectly corresponds to sunrise and sunset (6-00 and 18-00), and the zenith at midnight.These days analog clock turned into a model of ideal hours daily motion of the sun. In other words, the clock clearly express this astronomical event of the autumn and spring equinox.On other days, the arrows of the dial only seek to show this model ideal watches.
It was measured by the sun, residents of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, and their everyday activity was tied to the movement of the Sun - The day begins with sunrise and ends at sunset. Annex «Alive Time» - "Live Time" realized this ancient as the world and is incredibly simple idea: the day starts when the sun rises and sunrise always occurs at 6 am;The sun sets, the night begins - and this is at 6 pm; noon always comes in 12 days, and at midnight, respectively - 12 nights. Thus both day and night and divided into 12 equal parts, but the length of these parts will be different, since the length of the day and night throughout the year varies. It turns out that the watch "live time" go faster then normal watches, on the contrary, they are slowly, but it depends on the latitude and longitude of the place where you are, and from the date on the calendar.
Perhaps this idea at first seem unusual, but it does reflect the actual period of time, allowing you to take it over completely and correctly. In fact, we are so unconsciously divide the day and night into equal parts, so look into such a system would be easy. It will take a fresh look at their own biorhythms and on schedule, which we adhere to, to analyze how this fits into the traditional graph partitioning of the day and night. And it turns out that it is more convenient to live by the sun?
On the principles of operation of this application, we talked, and now focus on its interface.He is extremely simple: on the screen you can see the two indices, the lower shows the usual time, and the top - the same time living tied to the movement of the sun. Between them is an indicator which indicates how many hours and minutes the usual last hour "Live Time" - this figure varies depending on the occurrence of the day or night.
Start with «Alive Time» need to choose your geographical location - Geolocation - this will determine the length of day and night in the current calendar day, time of sunrise and sunset. Except the location on the screen you will also find buttons that allow you to choose one of three options for the background and restore or remove the second hand. Provided and the choice of rims dials. Another button provides information about the application, you can always get a description of its essential content in a concise and accessible form.
From a cognitive point of view, this app is definitely interesting. It will allow to conduct an experiment on their perception of time, to feel the "ideal" time to study it for, try to synchronize their activity with the movement of the sun, as it once did the ancients.
Download Alive Time can free on the iPhone and iPad this link .