Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apple and IBM introduced 8 new applications MobileFirst for iOS

IBM has released eight new applications for the iPhone and iPad, created in cooperation with Apple. Programs range from MobileFirst, intended for financial companies, airlines and retailers to turn the "apple" gadgets tools, connect them to the company's business processes and analytical tools.

Apple and IBM introduced in addition to the 14 existing mobile applications for customers in the banking sector, the insurance industry, financial markets and telecommunications, as well as public authorities and airlines are 8 applications. In the list of development - applications for healthcare organizations Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech and Home RN, document management solution for Rapid Handover, utility carriers Ancillary Sale, a tool for retailers and Order Commit application for insurance companies Risk Inspect.
All programs created jointly by Apple and IBM, are associated with business process management, data processing and analytics. The first 10 of the mobile development package MobileFirst out in December 2014.
Created exclusively for the iPhone and iPad, the application IBM MobileFirst delivered in a safe environment, with built-in analytics and means of interaction with key corporate services. The software can be adapted to the tasks of organizations that can easily implement them, and then manage and update them through specialized cloud services IBM.
Apple and IBM collaboration was announced last summer. Under the agreements first agreed to provide a second opportunity to sell the iPhone and iPad to its corporate customers around the world with pre-installed applications MobileFirst. No other vendor has such a contract with Apple has not.
Clients IBM, using the iPhone and iPad, have access to round the clock support AppleCare for Enterprise from Apple. This service is also responsible for issues related to applications MobileFirst.
All applications from the family MobileFirst tied to server solutions IBM, which also must be installed in a business or organization. Customers will be able to take mobile devices from IBM to lease and get tools for fleet management devices Apple. Thus, IBM offers a comprehensive provision of modern technology and the iPhone and iPad are just one element of this approach.