Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple fans scratched, bent and set fire to the Galaxy S6 [video]

Flagship Galaxy S6 is the first smartphone company Samsung, Encapsulated from a combination of metal and glass. Obviously, such a composition should be checked in emergency situations.

American user under the name JerryRigEverything, testing the Samsung Galaxy S6, decided not to stand on ceremony with the device and hold extreme crash tests. Prior to this smartphone is already throwing from different heights. Enthusiast decided to scratch, and set fire to bend the device. Nothing except a commitment to the "apple" smartphone, the desire to destroy the Korean novelty can not be explained.
Screen Galaxy S6, protected glass Gorilla Glass 4, will not scratch either a key or screwdriver. Fire lighters are not damaged metal rim gadget, leaving him only spots of soot particles that are easily erased. Heating the display reflects the change of colors, but after a short time the negative effects disappeared.
The application of sufficient force bending demonstrated that both aluminum and glass Galaxy S6 were resistant to this procedure, although they visibly clear separation from each other. But twisting led to apparent deformation of the housing Galaxy S6.