Thursday, April 9, 2015

In iOS 8.3 adds support for Wi-Fi-calls for new operators

In the extended Wednesday update iOS 8.3 extends support technology Wi-Fi Calling, transmits 9to5Mac. Integrating Wi-Fi Calling has become one of the most significant features of the eighth edition of the mobile platform Apple - function allows you to make and receive voice calls and send SMS if you have access to Wi-Fi.

In the setting of iPhone, working in a number of network operators, there is a switch Wi-Fi Calling. The technology works only after the user specifies your home address (for emergencies). In the United States currently has two mobile service providers to offer Wi-Fi Calling - T-Mobile and Sprint. In the UK, the technology began to support the operator EE.
Wi-Fi-calls provide a number of important advantages. In particular, to assess the positive property technology can be in situations where the iPhone is in poor reception areas, for example in offices, homes and other buildings that block radio signals. Wi-Fi Calling solves this problem.
In addition, Wi-Fi-calls can significantly reduce the cost of voice communications by reducing the number of used prepaid minutes and sent SMS-messages. When you are within range of a wireless network using voice calls become free - cellular operator receives data via the Internet.
Release iOS 8.3 for iPhone and iPad took place on Wednesday, April 8. Among the notable innovations updates as well as a set of new emoticons. In addition, the version of iOS 8.3 is increased overall system performance, speed application responsiveness, improved support for external keyboards, fixed work Wi-Fi and supports two-step authentication Google.