Friday, April 3, 2015

Apple has figured out how to take on the iPhone photos with ultra-high resolution

Apple has figured out how to take on the iPhone photos in high resolution, while maintaining image quality. Corresponding patent application published on Friday, the Bureau of the Patent and Trademark United States.

As conceived by engineers, iPhone camera instead of a single photo will make several consecutive shots from which will be obtained by combining a frame with ultra-high resolution. In fact, it's the same interpolation, only more honest and "smart". Unlike existing software unique technology, the camera smartphone is proposed to build a special system, the shooting angle changes slightly with each shot. When combined in one photo it will provide a high quality image.
The application provides a schematic representation of the chamber, from which it follows that images can be captured from multiple sources. In other words, the next generation of iPhone can receive dual lens system, the possibility of occurrence of which was reported in November last year . This will use a special system of mirrors that transmit the image to the general processor for post-processing. It is alleged that the detail and image quality will surpass those of cameras with higher resolution.
It is worth noting that this is not the first patent for a new technology to improve the quality of shooting iPhone. In late March, Apple patented a camera for mobile devices, which are used in the construction of three sensors. Apple essence of the invention is to provide each of the sensors of a particular component of color to achieve a more accurate color reproduction of the image.
It is unclear whether will receive an innovative camera upcoming iPhone 6s, but Apple makes every effort to keep the "apple" smartphone leaders in mobile photography. The above developments will enable the company to produce smartphones that have a distinct advantage over competitive products.