Friday, April 3, 2015

5 years with iPad: Chronicle of Events

April 3 was five years since its launch iPad and the day on which users could personally appreciate this innovative device. Apple tablet marked the beginning of a fundamentally new category of digital devices and every day changing the way many people to communicate and interact with each other.

Apple was not the first company that issued the plate. At the beginning of the two thousandth years on the market were already available models such as the ViewSonic V1100 or Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000. However, these devices are characterized by high price (2-3 thousand dollars), low portability due to size and weight, as well as short battery life - only 2-3 hours.Manufacturers of these plates are positioned as a device for work - This is indicated by the built-in stylus and indispensable dock.
Apple also went the other way and created original device, not so much focused on the creation of content, but rather on its consumption and transmission. We offer a detailed chronicle of interesting and important events since the start of sales of the first iPad.


January 27: Apple is the iPad, which includes 12 innovative applications designed specifically for him, and also supports almost all 140,000 apps available in the store App Store.
January 31: TV host Stephen Colbert jokes on Jay Z and Grammy award using the iPad.
April 3: iPad for the first time available in the US.
April 5: Apple sells more than 300,000 iPad on the first day of sales.
April 19: The Pianist Lang Lang played the "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the iPad, when he was called for an encore at Symphony Hall named Louise Davis in San Francisco.
May 4: Rana Sobani has become known as the world's first iPad-DJ.
May 26: The first electronic version of Wired magazine is now available for the iPad.
May 31: Sold two million iPad in less than 60 days.
June 7: Oscar de la Renta for the first time introduced the designer clutch bag for iPad on display resort collection.
June 15: Shannon Rosa commended the iPad in his blog as "almost magic" in the story of a son with autism.
July 3: In the App Store appeared Flipboard for the iPad.
September: Cedar Schools of Excellence in Scotland among the first connected to the initiative of the iPad 1: 1 (one student - one device).
September 13: Waiters Bone's, the most popular steakhouse in Atlanta, began to welcome guests, handing them to iPad with built-in wine list places.
September 17: iPad with support for Wi-Fi networks available to users in China.
OCTOBER 19: A member of an ambulance Chicago Dr. Richard Watson told how iPad is changing the health sector.
October 20: The works of British artist David Hockney made ​​on the iPad, exhibited in Paris.
October 22: Barack Obama became the first US president, who left his autograph on iPad.
November 19: Oprah Winfrey's final season of his show's most beloved among her things called iPad "the best invention of the century."
December 9: TIME magazine chose the iPad "gadget of the Year."


January 4: The New York Times reported about the "growing number of schools across the country, who have resorted to the use of iPad, the most advanced trends."
January 6: The rapper Sean "Diddy" Koumz set sail on a super-yacht, controlled via iPad.
March 2: Apple iPad 2 is - now with two cameras and a built-in battery for 10 hours. At the moment, has already sold over 15 million iPad. Presented two new applications: iMovie and GarageBand for iPad, and iPad 2 supports almost all 350,000 applications from the store App Store, including over 65 thousand applications created specifically for the iPad.Presented as innovative protective cover Smart Cover.
March 2: Random House, the largest book publisher in the United States, published a complete catalog of 17 000 of its books available in the iBookstore.
March 11: iPad 2 is available to customers.
March 25: Guinness World Records named the iPad "fastest selling electronic device" in history.
March 28: "I have an iPad", - has confirmed President Barack Obama.
March 31: In the episode "Game Changer" series "Modern Family," the protagonist gets iPad for my birthday and said: "iPad appeared on my birthday. It is as if God and Steve Jobs came to me to say "We love you, Phil."
APRIL 18: Gorillaz released the album "The Fall", recorded with full iPad one of the founders of Damon Albarn during previous tours.
April 29: HBO HBO Go app launches for iPad.
MAY 9: Queen ordered iPad, seeing that Princes William and Harry use such devices.
May 12: iPad is used to count the votes in the lower house of the US Congress.
June 11: On the iPad app appeared Newsstand - a new way to purchase and manage subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.
June: Alaska Airlines became the first commercial airline pilots replacing instructions for using the iPad. Delta, American Airlines and many others followed suit.
August: Team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the first time in the history of the NFL refused to use paper-based tactics, instead of them athletes get iPad 2.
December: The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the use of the iPad in the cockpit.


January 19: Apple changes the understanding of the textbooks for the iPad launching a new version of the application iBooks 2. At the same time it becomes available for Mac freeware iBooks Author, and in educational institutions has been used for more than 1.5 million iPad.
January 19: Apple introduces a new iTunes U app for iPad, to iOS users around the world have access to the largest catalog of educational content.
- JANUARY 21: The Royal Academy of Arts in London opens a new exhibition with landscapes painted on the iPad.
March 7: A new iPad now display Retina, which has four times more pixels than iPad 2. iPad is already available for more than 200 thousand native applications, all applications in the App Store, which work on the device for more than 585 thousands.
March 16: Start of sales of the new iPad display Retina.
March 19: Sales of the new iPad in the first weekend exceeded 3 million.
May 30: The program "60 Minutes" talk about how iPad is used in working with autistic.
April 12: Application Paper for drawing sketches on your iPad in just 2 weeks has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.
June 1: Actress series "The Good Wife" Julianna Margulies says that learns role with the iPad.
June 6: Page Six reports: "In the management of a cat's Karl Lagerfeld have an iPad and two maids".
JULY 11: NBA player Deron Williams signed a contract on the iPad for $ 98 million with the Brooklyn Nets.
October 23: Submitted by iPad mini with a display of 7.9 inches - tablet that is easy to hold with one hand. At the same time represented the fourth generation iPad, and applications designed specifically for the iPad, more than 275,000.
November 2: iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will be in stores
November 5: sold three million new iPad in just three days - twice the previous result.
December 12: Pope Benedict XVI uses iPad to send his first tweet.


February 18: Dana Delany from the popular TV show on ABC called "Body of Proof" thank heaven for iPad in an interview, talking about how he saved her in preparation for filming, for which it was necessary to study medical terminology.
February 28: Download educational content from iTunes U exceeded 1 billion.
May 1: The artist, who is known as "Japanese Vermeer uses the iPad, in order to finger paint a picture" Girl with a Pearl Earring. "
May 12: Astronaut Chris Hadfield takes a iPad on the ISS sent to Earth to record your performance David Bowie called "Space Oddity".
May 14: The company Square is a compact settlement solution with the iPad called Square Stand.
AUGUST 30: Airlines Hawaiian Airlines welcomes the iPad mini on board.
October 22: Submitted over a thin and lightweight iPad Air with the new iPad mini 2 with a display Retina. Both new tablet equipped with a 64-bit processor A7, created by Apple.
October 22: Completely redesigned application from office suite iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) and a package of creative programs iLife (iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand) are now available absolutely free to all buyers of new iPad.
October 26: de Young Museum in San Francisco holds an exhibition of works by the artist David Hockney created on the iPad.
November 1: Start of sales of new iPad Air.
November 12: Home sales iPad mini 2 with a display Retina.
3 December: The editors of People magazine and millions of Internet users do not believe my eyes, watching the artist draws a portrait of Morgan Freeman on iPad.


January 7: In the App Store has been available for more than 500 thousand applications created specifically for the iPad.
January 27: Only Texas has used more than 750,000 iPad in schools.
March 14: iPad in the sport - a new player Yankees Brian McCann studies on the iPad strategy his teammates and opponents.
March 20: Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon recorded a duet during a talk show with the iPad.
March 27: Microsoft is "Office for the iPad".
March 28: The special effects in the new movie "Noah" including an epic scene with a flood, during which a minute pour thousands of liters of water are controlled by iPad.
April 4: Former President George W. Bush tells TODAY about art on your iPad.
June 30: Apple provides teachers with an opportunity to completely create courses on the iPad c updated iTunes U app New figures: more than 75,000 educational apps are now available for the iPad, and iTunes U application submitted for more than 750 thousand individual educational materials. Thousands of educational institutions are more than 7,500 publicly available courses on art, science, health and medicine, business and other disciplines.
July 15: Apple and IBM announce global partnership to transform the mobile development in a corporate environment with the help of a new class of business applications for the iPhone and iPad, designed with the expertise of IBM's big data and analytics. Part of an exclusive agreement is the possibility of selling the iPhone and iPad by IBM for its corporate clients.
September: NFL on FOX says that players and coaches use "tools such as the iPad" to prepare for the games.
October 16: Presented by the most subtle and powerful in the history of iPad - iPad Air 2, which weighs about 450 grams, as well as the iPad mini with 3 sensor Touch ID. Both iPad is now available in golden color, and applications built specifically for iPad - more than 675,000.
OCTOBER 24: Queen Elizabeth II sends his first tweet with the iPad.
November 4: CNN commentators use their iPad undercover for Microsoft Surface tablets during a live broadcast from the election.
November 7, Airlines United Airlines converts its international terminal at Newark Liberty airport using the iPad in 2016 as part of the announced projects worth $ 120 million.
November: According to information from Custora, during Black Friday 2014 82% of all transactions with the tablets had on iPad.


January 27: iPad sales worldwide exceeded 250 million.
February 6: The pilot and his wife use the iPad to make a landing aircraft with technical defects.
February 18: The illusionist Simon Piero struck Ellen DeGeneres tricks with the iPad.
March 25: The UK government announces that all members of Parliament will be provided with iPad Air 2.
April 3: c inception of iPad sales have passed 5 years.