Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apple Pay set up two-thirds of iPhone 6, half only once used this service

Recent studies have shown that despite the simplicity and ease of use of mobile payments Apple Pay, not all users are satisfied with the service. According to the survey Phoenix Marketing International, a payment system set up most of Apple owners iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The study involved 3000 owners iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Two-thirds of users to tune the service Apple Pay, encountered problems when paying at the checkout. Thus, 47% of users reported that they were unable to pay for the goods even in the store that is part of the list of partners Apple. Sellers thus referred to the fact that the service is available only in this particular outlet.
The demand for mobile payments is growing. 59% of iPhone owners 6 during shopping ask sellers about the possibility to pay via Apple Pay. However, because of problems with payment terminals enthusiastic users gradually decreases.
During the existence of "apple" of the payment system 48% of smartphone users have paid Apple with it only once. And some iPhone users do not even know where the payments are made. In this regard, in March, the company began production of information labels for partners Apple Pay. They will be located at the box office and at the entrance to the store itself, next to the information label on the support of various payment systems.
At the same time Apple has released recommendations for the placement of informational materials. California Giant advises to place a sign with the logo of Apple Pay at the height of not less than 50 inches or 130 cm. If the input is placed stickers other payment systems, Apple recommends to place your badge on them.
Currently, Apple Pay payment system used by about 12 million people.