Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apple supplier confirmed that the iPhone 6s get the touch sensitivity display

The list of rumors about the next generation iPhone smartphone replenished at the beginning of March, when Apple introduced the new 12-inch MacBook. Its trackpad, as in the updated MacBook Pro, using proprietary technology Force Touch, endowing the sensor surface touch sensitivity.

Click on the button with different force in certain applications, it is possible to get different reactions; for example, in media players at a strong pressure can accelerate the speed of scrolling video.
Force Touch technology will also be used in touch screen Apple Watch. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that it will find application in the new generation iPhone. Rumors about this have been going on for a long time, and we now know that the Chinese company TPK, supplying display with Force Touch, expected by the end of this year, a significant increase in profits.
According to reports, the sensor Force Touch for Apple Watch costs Apple about $ 3-4. But the increase in diagonal display and raises the cost of the sensor. And in the case of the iPhone, it will rise to 13-14 dollars per copy.
Force Touch, presumably, will be used in 4,7- and 5,5-inch models, the next generation iPhone. Representatives of component suppliers indicate that industrial production of so-called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will begin in June, and the announcement traditionally expected in the autumn.
In addition to TPK, the production of displays Force Touch for iPhone will be engaged in another Chinese company - GIS. It is assumed that the developers of games and applications for the iOS platform will be able to take advantage of technology to extend the functionality of their products.