Thursday, April 2, 2015

Philips has introduced a portable smart lamp Hue Go [Video]

Philips has expanded its "smart" LED lamps new portable model Hue Go. Manage the lighting device can be using mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Novelty is a small, translucent and semi-spherical lamp with built-in battery charge is enough for 3 hours of battery use. Hue Go is able to reproduce all shades of white, from warm to cool, and a full range of colors, that is at the disposal of the device more than 16 million color combinations.
Philips has positioned Hue Go, as a replacement for the traditional night-lights. Due to the compact size of the device can be moved to any room, creating the right atmosphere there.In addition, users can use the Hue Go for light notification of certain events, and updates on the dual smartphone. In Philips note that product line Hue consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
The main body of Hue Go is a physical button to switch between preset lighting modes.Users can choose between the "warm" or "cold" tube light, or choose "natural dynamic effects". Complete with lamp supplied docking station.
In applications for smart bulbs Hue has many different settings, from the timer on / off lighting, changing colors, before setting lamp mode depending on the location of the person.
Philips Hue Go goes on sale in May and June of this year. The cost of the device is $ 100, by reservation lamp costs $ 80