Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple Watch: 5 advantages and disadvantages 5 new items

The press reviews were first smart watch Apple Watch . Apple gave the device journalists who talked about their experiences before the start of sales, which is scheduled for April 24.On what conclusions did observers leading IT-editions later in the article.

Apple is positioning Apple Watch as the most personal device company in history and the latest technically advanced addition to the "apple" of the ecosystem. This ultra-precise watches, personal device for a closer and instant communication, as well as a brand new assistant for health and fitness. In addition to numerous personalization options Apple Watch also offer a new way of getting information just a glance and provide interaction with the outside world through third-party applications.
Journalists agree that the watch Apple - is a breakthrough device and "object of true desire", but "like any product 1.0, they are not perfect". In general, Apple Watch cope with its main task - do not remove the iPhone from his pocket. We offer five reasons for buying Apple Watch and the same - against the acquisition of the gadget.

Advantage 1: The New York Times

"On the fourth day of use, I finally began to realize that the elegant computer for $ 650 on my wrist - something more than just another screen. Instantly receiving information about the events of the digital world and allowing me to instantly react to them, watches have become something of a continuation of my body, straight-chain of the digital world in my brain. The effect was so strong that people who previously expressed on the subject, depending on my smartphone, started to notice changes in my behavior. My wife said that I'm less likely to head in communication with your smartphone. She believes that it is happiness".

Advantage 2: The Verge

"Watch - this is a great device in the broad sense of the word. Yes, it does not change lives. Nevertheless, the gadget is excellent. Apple will sell millions of these devices, and many people love and obsessed with them. This is a wonderful component of a larger ecosystem that Apple carefully builds for many years. They organically and easier than any other analogue in the market. They, no doubt, the best smart watches in the world".

Advantage 3: Bloomberg

"The Apple Watch an impressive set of features. After I used them, I have no questions, I'm sure the smart watch Apple - the most advanced wearable gadget of all that today on the market".

Advantage 4: USA Today

"I'll buy Apple Watch. I spent a week with the device and is now ready to reserve for him a place of honor on his wrist. Apple Watch - an elegant combination of style and functionality, despite the fact that often this gadget only replaces the functionality of iPhone, hidden in your pocket or bag".

Advantage 5: The Wall-Street Journal

"There is a reason why we do not like to wear the same clothes two days in a row, refuse the temptation McDonald's and Ben & Jerry's, regularly go to the hairdresser and do not miss training in the gym: we want to look your best. Just a week of using Apple Watch I came to the conclusion that the company does not just sell wearable computer. It sells a good look and feel of the slope, and already applied to them functional".

Lack of 1: Bloomberg

"I came for a business meeting. I appeal to listeners and 14 in mid-sentence feel like Apple Watch lightly taps on my wrist. In a particular embodiment, it happens dozens of times a day:the SMS is coming, then an e-mail, the message about the new developments in fitness, then Twitter is updated. Wait a second! Is Apple promises that the Watch will not be distracted, do not lose concentration when dealing with people around me, hovering in the iPhone. Why do I feel that there is something like that? "

Lack of 2: The Verge

"Apple Watch, as it became clear after six weeks of use, rather slow applications. There is no way around this, there is no way to tell about the ideas in the interface device, the obvious potential, and a touch of genius with no mention of the fact that the device is sometimes slow to load messages and updates"

Lack 3: The New York Times

"Unlike previous revolutionary products from Apple, software Apple Watch requires a gradual learning that may deter some users. It took me a day out to understand the confusing interface".

Lack 4: Re/Code

"Apple Watch is trying to break into the world of high fashion, but it still looks like a clock from the world of technology. Even if you replace the simple smooth plastic on the more expensive leather strap for $ 149 or Milanese bracelet or pay $ 449 for a composite Bracelet metal segments, the watch will still look like a little iPhone".

Lack 5: The Wall-Street Journal

"I advise friends to wait with the purchase until next year. The watch case is more subtle angles could not so round. And it's not just aesthetics. Soon to be developed a battery that does not need to charge every night program will cease to hover and fitness sensors will become more accurate. All this - the standard rule of Apple: the second generation will be more perfect".
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