Friday, April 3, 2015

Back to Bed puzzle game became weeks and is available in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple chose the best app in the App Store and makes it free. At this time, became a free addictive puzzle game in three dimensions Back to Bed, designed by the studio Bedtime Digital Games.

Sleepwalking - quite a dangerous disease and a hero Back to Bed example. His name is Bob and he is, as we know, a sleepwalker. During sleep, the character is transferred to the surreal and artistic universe, which is a mixture of the real world and the world of dreams.Once there, Bob begins to walk on the various platforms that hang in the air, and therefore, it is enough to take a few steps to break down.
Back to Bed-2
To prevent tragedy, gamers have to use logic. In so doing, it will help the subconscious mind of the hero, which took the shape of a dog with a human head. Since Bob in a collision with objects automatically changes its direction, the player has to see where it will go on and prevent a fall.
See the direction of the character by using the following, which appear in front of him. Once a gamer knew where to go lunatic, he needs to grab the big apple by clicking on it and in the same simple way to put it in the right place.
Back to Bed-1
As you progress through levels have repeatedly rearrange the apple, so gamers should be prepared in advance for such an eventuality. With each level, as usual, the complexity of passing all increased. Area for walking lunatic is becoming more and, therefore, increases the risk that it may fall.
The game was very unusual and exciting. Its advantages - excellent, action-packed gameplay, surreal world around us and atmospheric soundtrack.
Within one week Back to Bed for the iPhone and iPad will be free.