Friday, April 3, 2015

American University has established automatic rentals iPad

Drexel University and the Public Library of Philadelphia have developed machines for rent tablet iPad. Can use the device as students and university students and locals.

IPad dispenser installed in the library of the institution. Visitors can rent a tablet computer, examine and copy the materials necessary for their gadgets. iPad is issued to all who have a student or library card.
Machine allows you to use the iPad for four hours. Out of the library with the device is prohibited. Pre-installed on the tablet variety of educational materials on art, geography, history, music, science, astronomy and other sciences, dictionaries and teaching materials.Students can use e-books, admitted as teaching aids for students of high school core specialties.
It is worth noting that this is a private initiative of the institution of Philadelphia as part of the information and computerization of the education system. In February it was reported that the Unified School District Los Angeles (LAUSD), planned to provide students iPad, eventually abandoned the idea. According to the head of LAUSD, the agency can not afford to spend a billion dollars on the tablet Apple.