Thursday, April 9, 2015

Became known delivery time for buyers Apple Watch

On Friday, the users in 9 countries around the world will be able to pre-order on the smart watch Apple Watch. But the fact of registration of pre-order is no guarantee of a speedy receiving device. MacRumors published dates of commencement of supply for different models of Apple Watch.

As it became known, Apple is planning to deliver Apple Watch Sport from April 24 to May 8, while the model with leather bracelet with modern buckle and leather strap bracelet block will be available only after 4-6 weeks after placing your pre-order. Apple Watch with a classic leather strap, the Milanese mesh bracelet and strap sports will be issued from April 24 to May 8, and the most expensive modification Apple Watch Edition will be available in May 2015.
  • Apple Watch Sport with sporty straps "delivery by 08.05 to 24.04"
  • Apple Watch with sporty straps "delivery by 08.05 to 24.04"
  • Apple Watch with Milanese mesh bracelet "Shipping 24.04 to 08.05"
  • Apple Watch with black classic clasp "delivery by 08.05 to 24.04"
  • Apple Watch with modern buckle "delivery within 4-6 weeks"
  • Apple Watch with leather strap "delivery within 4-6 weeks"
  • Apple Watch bracelet with block "delivery within 4-6 weeks"
  • All models Apple Watch Edition: «delivery in May"
April 10 will be opened pre-orders for Apple Watch. On this day, customers will be able to book a gadget and sign up for a visit to the nearest retail store Apple Store. Meanwhile, the network has already started the first reviews trends. Opinions on smart watches very different. For example, Mashable very impressed by the appearance of Apple Watch: the company has created a sophisticated device, think it over to the smallest detail. And in terms of elegance and comfort of wearing the gadget has no equal among the models with Android Wear, such as the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.
At the same time, third-party applications, as opposed to the routine, still in need of improvement. The program is installed on the Apple Watch for a long time, and many of them do not have enough functions.