Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Forensic" 7.2 recreates a detailed itinerary visits iPhone owner

The company "Oxygen Software" has introduced a new version of the product to retrieve data from mobile devices - "Forensic" 7.2, which adds support for application category "Travel" of the iPhone, iPad and devices on Android. This update allows you to retrieve information about all trips owner of the phone and analyze mobile applications Transaero, GetTaxi, Expedia, and others.

"Usually all travel bookings made via the Internet - says CEO Oleg Fedorov. - New version of "Forensic" retrieves data about past and planned trips phone owner of the popular applications category "Travel". Grouping data from different sources, "Forensic" can recreate a detailed itinerary, starting with the purchase of airline tickets, flight check-in, booking hotels and even taxi. "
Using the new version of "Forensic" experts can get complete information about the movements of smartphone users, extracting information from financial applications and tools for reservations and travel arrangements to obtain geolocation data from fitness programs, analyzing e-mail and collecting data on the use of programs -Translator.
The new version of the program "Forensic" also includes support for application specific carriers such as Aeroflot, Transaero, US Airways, American Airlines and FlyDelta. The information contained therein may include data on travel and hotel reservations, flight check-in via the Internet, boarding passes, luggage tags and baggage tracking information.
Finally, the application adds support for taxi - Yandeks.Taksi and GetTaxi, which allows investigators to extract information about the person traveling by taxi, booked through any of these popular applications.
New version of "Oxygen Forensic Suite" not only pulls information from popular applications for travel, but also recovers deleted data in them. In addition, the program includes the information gathered, making it possible to keep track of all the routes and movements of the suspect for a certain period of time and view them on a map.