Friday, April 3, 2015

Case joystick Hyperkin turn the iPhone 6 in Game Boy

Putting aside the sympathy, probably, the main value is the brainchild of Steve Jobs in his ability to include fantasy. Seriously, what more the gadget to create as many cool applications, accessories and accompanying gadgets that sometimes are more expensive of the iPhone.

Mobile games seriously Moved templates in the industry, so it is generally a topic for another discussion. While developers tier arrange arms race "who is steeper graphics", pushing their heads against the size of budgets, and the creators of indie games compete in originality, good old Game Boy modestly winks from his pocket, offering hundreds of cool old school games. Some, by the way, at one time cheerfully marched past our brother. Thank expansion Sega consoles and Dendy.
And if you truly love the brainchild of company Nintendo (or are about to get to know a long time), then cook money on Hyperkin - Case / joystick turns the iPhone 6 to old school Game Boy. Of course, this is not the first attempt to turn the iPhone into a gaming console, but such an implementation decision seems very good and elegant for fans to play games on your phone.
Hyperkin works in conjunction with an emulator for iOS, which is a major plus is that it is not capricious jailbroken and does not require fire-dancing with a tambourine. Download, install, went to my childhood. Games quickly and easily added using a built-in emulator browser.
Now Hyperkin is in preparation for release. Planned support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Leave touch control fashionable futuristic shooter - travel to childhood need agility and convenience button gamepad.