Monday, April 13, 2015

Creator of clones Apple-gadget Xiaomi complains fakes manufacturers

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which is often accused of borrowing Development Apple, he was faced with the problem of counterfeiting. During a press conference at the company's headquarters in Beijing CEO Lee Jun said that in 2014 the sale of branded external battery Mi Power Bank reached 14.6 million, which is less than half the expected volume.

"What is the biggest challenge? A huge number of fakes. If they do not, then sales have doubled or tripled. The product has become recognizable to all"- said the head of the Xiaomi. The company offers three versions of Mi Power Bank battery cost from $ 8 to $ 21.Given these prices damage the Chinese vendor from manufacturers 'cloned' batteries could be $ 115 million.
"If our products are not tampered with, our actual sales have been able to double or even triple. The product would have received international recognition" - said June.
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced its first smartphone only in 2011 and in 2014 became the leader of the home market. Now, learning less friendly, but they are not less promising Indian market, the company is faced with unusual for her problems and increasingly its behavior is as if the struggle for their rights, the big brands.
It should be noted that Xiaomi itself repeatedly accuses of illegally copying other people's ideas. Vendor called "Chinese Apple», because it is very borrows from its US counterpart as design and marketing courses. The company owner Lee Jun successfully copied the sales strategy of the corporation Cupertino: it creates an aura of exclusivity around the products of the company. At the same time, June borrowed even style of the legendary Steve Jobs.Presentations on the company's products, he wears a black turtleneck, blue jeans and white sneakers.
In fact, many products Xiaomi have an affinity with the "apple". Smartphone Mi 4, a copy of Magic Trackpad, a way to publish promotional materials. Even the interior for the Chinese company owned stores peeked at Apple.