Monday, April 13, 2015

Role-playing game from Everywear Games will be exclusive on Apple Watch [Video]

Studio Everywear Games announced the first game in the genre of RPG for users Apple Watch. Role in the project fantasy scenery Runeblade plans to release before the end of April.
Ролевая игра от Everywear Games станет эксклюзивом для Apple Watch [видео]

Previously Everywear Games were limited to small mini-games for "apple" platform, one way or another tied to the iPhone. The new project opens up opportunities and looks ambitious, despite the simple graphics.
RPG genre usually associated with long-term gameplay and complex system development. According to the developers, Runeblade designed for short game sessions, which can take less than a minute - 15-20 seconds. During this time, the player will meet with the forces of evil in the form of the evil magical creatures like dragons and enchanted deer, as well as to collect a variety of improvements to your character.
Runeblade will be available exclusively for Apple devices and will be distributed free of charge.