Thursday, April 2, 2015

European regulators are investigating the transactions Apple with record labels

European regulators are investigating the transactions Apple with record labels. According to available information, the Commission has already contacted several labels and companies specializing in digital music, and ask them for information about agreements with the American corporation.

According to The Financial Times, the reason for questioning the European Commission is often a formal complaint to the European Commission, and the data collected - is the first step in the study of the case, which does not necessarily lead to a formal antitrust investigation.
In June, Apple plans to introduce its own service strimingovyh Apple Beats, which will compete with Spotify, Deezer and Google. Offer users unlimited access for about $ 10 a month, but unlike Spotify, a service will not shareware subscription to attract new customers.Instead, say sources, Apple intends to link its new product with the application for downloading music iTunes.
Originally planned to launch a new service at the beginning of March, but Apple has unforeseen difficulties related to dismissals of key staff. Also had difficulties with the integration of technology into the ecosystem Beats Apple. Another reason for the delay was the decision to develop Android-version of the service, which required hiring Android-developers.
According to reports, the Commission also contacted Apple competitors in the segment of streaming music. Regulators are concerned that the company will use its scale, connections and influence to convince the labels to abandon shareware services that depend on licenses from music companies.
Apple has refused to comment on the investigation.