Thursday, April 2, 2015

New update Movavi for Mac photo editor with a new interface and replace the background [5 promo]

Developers photo editor Movavi Photo Editor 2 announced the update program. The most notable new feature - the replacement of the background, it allows you to cut out the desired portions of the photos, removing everything else, and substitute another image as a new background. In addition, the cut fragment can be saved with a transparent background.

The process of replacing the background in the photo editor Movavi consists of three steps: 1) select an object green brush, 2) selecting the background to be deleted using the red brush, 3) pressing the "Cut background". Feature is a function that accurately trace the allocated objects are not necessarily - enough just one stroke, the program itself will determine the boundaries of the object in the frame. "Extra" can erase eraser to change the brush size and mitigate or specify a selection.
The update has changed the user interface of the application. All the main functions are now separated by tabs on the right side: "Improving the photo", "Rotation" (and leveling the horizon), "Crop", "text", "Size", "Deleting objects" and background removal. "Export" button to save the changes to a file located at the bottom right. The program continues to support all major graphic formats: BMP, DPX, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, XBM and others.
The new "Text" allows you to add to the image inscription of any size, font, color and transparency. Now in photo editor Movavi has become easier to create memes.
Movavi Photo Editor 2 is available in two versions - free and paid. The first is of unlimited duration, but there is a limit to save changes to files and removal of screenshots. 
The developer has provided us with 5 promo codes for the program. Codes will be raffled at the end of the week visitors, leave a comment to the article. Do not forget to fill in the E-mail.Best of luck!