Monday, April 13, 2015

Experts have called the iPhone more harmful than Samsung and LG smartphones

Around smartphones again ignite heated debates. Not so long ago, scientists from the World Health Organization declared that they put on mobile devices carcinogen treatment on a par with the exhausts of cars and chloroform.

Radiation from mobile phones does not affect the DNA as radiation. Phone - it is rather a very small microwave. However, no one in delight at the thought that his brains with every conversation a little heated as lunch.
Against the background of this debate, it became clear that the iPhone occupy the top lines in the ranking of potentially dangerous devices emitting electromagnetic waves. According to a study Cnet, figure SAR, which determines the energy of the electromagnetic field, a stand-out in the tissues of the body for the iPhone 6 is 0.972 W / kg, and for iPhone 5s - 0,979 W / kg. For comparison, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note shows the result of 0.241 W / kg, HTC Desire 620 - 0,362 W / kg, LG G3 - 0,291 W / kg, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - 0,334 W / kg, BlackBerry Passport - 0,33 W / kg .
The highest SAR level was detected in the HTC One Mini 2 - 1.46 W / kg, on the second place in the list - Nokia Asha 503 with an index of 1.43 W / kg. Maloizluchaemym most of the tested devices proved Galaxy Mega. SAR value for the Korean unit corresponds to the expression of 0.142 watts per kilogram.
Different countries have different standards and requirements with valid values. In Europe, taken to investigate 10 grams of tissue, the maximum is 2 W / kg. US regulator FCC uses only 1 gram of tissue, the limit value - 1.6 W / kg.
By the way, some analysts believe that the SAR values ​​are impracticable. Firstly, the impact of lower thresholds poses no threat to health. And secondly, the level of radiation depends on the strength of the network signal. Furthermore, the transmitter power can be controlled by the operator communicating with the base station, the decrease of the capacity can be even hundredfold.