Thursday, April 2, 2015

Facebook has released an application Riff to communicate using short videos

Along with the social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and messenger tries himself in other areas of software like Photo exchange Slingshot launcher and Home. Today, the company presented its application for mobile communication via short videos.

The application called Riff can be placed 20-second video with the title and tags. Friends You are notified of the publication. They can answer their own 20-second spot, which will receive notification of their friends. The latter also can answer their video recording. This may be repeated any number of times. Videos in one subject played one after the other. Thus from them, for example, you can make a story.
Riff for viral campaigns, in which each participant is associated with the future or previous participants. Classic social networks are not suitable, as they appear disparate video.
Riff can free download on devices running iOS and Android .