Thursday, April 2, 2015

Google is allowed to run Android-applications on Mac and Windows

Google has introduced a new version of the software tool App Runtime for Chrome, with which you can run Android-application. Solution available on computers with OS X, Windows and Linux, has been called ARC Welder.

ARC Welder positioned as a solution for developers, but no one bothers to use it for everyone. As conceived by Google, makers of Android-applications can use this feature to test their development. However, ARC Welder can be useful for normal users - run Android-apps can all users browser Chrome.
ARC previously was only available to a small number of developers. Now the program can download all comers. It includes access to Google Play Services, which is required for proper operation of applications using Oauth2, Google Cloud Messaging and input on Google+.
To use the technology, you need to download the free expansion of the store Chrome.Running it, you will see a dialog menus and large buttons "plus" under which is written "add your APK". After selecting the application will indicate which mode is displayed interface - portrait or landscape. Now if you press the "Start" mobility program will open in a new browser tab.
Unfortunately, the ability to make acquisitions within the Android-application does not work, because of what some of the development may become unstable.
Download ARC Welder possible from Chrome Web Store at this link .