Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Georgian chess champion was disqualified for three years from the use of iPod touch

On passing the Dubai tournament chess grandmaster judge disqualified for use during a match iPod touch, according to the website of the tournament. Application on the device to analyze the course of the party and helped him choose moves.

World Chess Federation decided to disqualification for three years Georgian grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze. The reason for this decision was that the athlete used while playing iPod touch to the analysis of the party and finding the right moves.
On the unusual behavior Nigalidze noticed his rival for the party Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian reported it to the judge. Once the player has once again stepped out of the stall toilet, she went to the judge and found hidden there player running on it an application that allows you to analyze the leading parties.
"We both sat at the board when he was approached by the chief referee showed gadget and said," This is yours? ". Nigalidze confused, blushed, and could not say a word" - told reporters Tigran Petrosian.
Despite Nigalidze words, that he did not use the device, the judges decided to discontinue the party. Now grandmaster facing a three-year suspension, and at repeated infringement chess player can not participate in tournaments for 15 years.
In March, the British grandmaster Danny Gormally said that he suspected some players of cheating. He did not mention their names, but said that the unexpected "progress" of some English players makes him suspicious.
"The problem is that mobile devices are now very powerful - said Gormalli. - It's sad, because now when you see that someone is noticeably improved his game, you start to think". Wait a minute, there's something wrong. "But it should not be".