Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Google Docs for iOS received the option to edit the tables and the ability to accept and reject changes

Google has updated the free office application "Google Documents" for iOS. Mobile program designed to create and edit documents on the iPhone and iPad, enables off-line work with files and collaborative editing data. Members involved in collaborative editing can immediately see the changes made to the document by others.

The new version of Google applications now has a table editing. Now users can make changes and save them to a remote service. In addition, the update has brought the opportunity to approve or reject changes directly to the feed of comments. Were also fixed bugs and improved performance of the program.
«Google Documents», «Google Spreadsheets» and "Google Presentations" allow you to create simple documents "from scratch". Users can easily perform all the basic steps, including creating bulleted lists, add images, comments, formulas, changing fonts, etc. Choose bold and underline formatting, indent, change the font size or numbers, select a different background color in cells - all this can be done easily on the toolbar by simply pressing the right buttons.
«Google Documents», «Google Spreadsheets» and "Google Presentations" can run on any tablets and smartphones running the mobile iOS 7.0 or later.
Download "Google Documents" for iPhone and iPad can be free at this link , "Google Spreadsheets" - link , "Google Presentations" - link .