Friday, April 3, 2015

Google reported a successful anti-virus for Android

Google has published a report on the safety of the Android platform called «Android Security Year in Review». The results of the study may surprise: the operating system, which is considered one of the most dangerous, according to the Internet giant, almost completely free of malware.

According to the report, only 0.15% of devices on Android, applications for which are downloaded only in Google Play, can carry potentially dangerous programs (PHA). We are talking about malicious software that could harm the user or those who communicate with him. However, even if all the devices to take Android regardless of what programs are set, and how they are to be downloaded, only 1% of infected PHA.
In Google recognize that inevitably infected devices. The only way to deal with them effectively - to constantly check the status of individual gadgets in the ecosystem Android. As it became known, is regularly tested a billion gadgets in order to identify the latest trends and "strains" electronic diseases.
Billion devices, and 1% infected. At this scale, it looks a bit different and a tiny percentage is converted into 10 million devices that are capable of not only hurt themselves, but also the entire system. For this reason, the company is willing to expend energy on endless struggle with PHA. Checking accounts as applications in the Google Play Store, and gadgets on which they are installed. Programs that fall in the online store, are tested. In particular, the analytical system is used, which allows to predict exactly what the program can do harm.Then begins the analysis devices. Every day, Google receives data from 200 million devices.
Verify Apps utility during the installation of potentially dangerous software, informs the user of possible problems. Thus it interacts not only with the owner of the device, but also transfers data to Google. On the basis of this information has been concluded: in 2014 in the United States have been infected with PHA for only 0.4% of gadgets, which is 0.2% lower than the average for the world. The reason is that Americans are extremely Google Play Store.
At the same time, Russia, China, UAE and some other countries were at risk, as there are more common resources with free pirated applications, notes Vestifin .
It is argued that Android 5.0 is better protected predecessors. Technology was used, which helps fight the gadget malware tries to control the individual functions. In particular we are talking about malware that can turn the camera on your own smartphone or tablet, or a microphone. Such a struggle with espionage may be a reference to the scandal surrounding the activities of US National Security Agency. Or maybe the case in the growing popularity of identity theft in the network.
In the long term, Google hopes to strengthen the reputation of its operating system.Currently iOS is considered much more secure than Android.