Friday, April 3, 2015

That Apple gives trainees in the first day of

Blogger Quora Christine Kuan, an intern at Apple in 2014, shared her experience. She told how the first day of training in the company and what gifts gets a young professional.

Trainee developer at Apple, according Siliconus , receives an average of $ 5723 per month.In addition, novice entitled to free accommodation in a 15-minute drive from the office (or $ 1,000 as compensation), insurance, free meals on campus. Apple foreign specialists helps in obtaining a visa. Trainees operate 40 hours a week. Most of those who successfully passed the training gets a chance to work for a company on a permanent basis.
According to Nate Sharpe, an intern at the team iPod, trainees to Apple immediately connected to work on real projects, and can have an impact on how these products are obtained as a result of the company.
Young professionals have access not only to the current developments in his department, but also to the past, and those who for whatever reason have not seen the light. All this applies, however, only to the department in which the trainee works - details of the other branches remain a secret for him.
Manual IT giant organizes interns large number of special events: for example, Executive Speaker Series - an event in which trainees can communicate with higher company's top managers personally (permanent staff at this event is not present).
One of the main advantages of working Apple majority of former trainees believes the team spirit that prevails in the company, and the passion with which employees approach their tasks.
Visitors service Quora questions and answers are interested, what educational materials are prepared and gift trainees IT giant. Former intern Christine Kuan Apple has decided to share with the users of the resource story of what gave her gifts on the first day of the internship.
Some of the things that were given to Christina, she then had to go back. However, most of them it has retained.
The first thing that was given to Christina - stickers with her name. Woman photographed to later deliver badge, with whom she would have to go. After that, she was offered a choice of snacks - to have something to snack during the passage of learning.
In its place in the conference hall Christina found a notebook, which contained useful working tips with links to corporate site. During the break, the trainees were given key chains with the Apple logo and are badges along with a brochure about what responsibility takes on an employee, clinging badge to clothing.
At the end of training new employees received a box in which the lay-shirt with the company logo and the year set and a set of cards with wishes. In addition, Christina found included a plastic card with a small amount of money that she could spend on dinner in the dining room.
Workplace interns waited MacBook Pro, iPad and display Thunderbolt. All the equipment was new and in their original packaging - iPad as standard, and the MacBook in a special brown.They were not allowed to leave the trainees themselves, but, according to Christina, open the package was "pretty funny".
Finally, the last thing that Christina was in its first day of internship - black cap with white logo of the company and the book "Insanely simple: the obsession that led Apple to success" Ken Segall.