Monday, April 6, 2015

How to run WhatsApp, Instagram and any other Android-app on Mac and Windows

Last week the release of a tool to run Android-application regardless of which operating system is installed on your computer - OS X, Windows and Linux. Such an opportunity was not available.

This is a special extension for the Chrome browser, called ARC Welder. And although his description as the author is not listed on Google, as Arc-Eng, this development is the search giant. The extension uses the runtime ARC (abbreviated from the App Runtime for Chrome), Google first released in September 2014.
With ARC Welder can run Android-application tailored for smartphones and tablets, as well as select portrait or landscape display mode.
Expanding uses open source Native Client, which provides launch native applications in the "sandbox" within your web browser. Native Client technology is integrated into Google Chrome, starting with 14 versions of the browser, released in 2011. To run the application serves as the virtual machine Dalvik.

How to run Android-application on the Mac and Windows:

Step 1: Download and install the extension ARC Welder for Google Chrome. During installation ARC Welder browser will automatically load another component - "App Launcher Chrome" (if it was not). Shortcut to run ARC Welder appear in this panel.
Step 2: Download the required Android-application in the form of APK-file . This can be done by extending the APK Downloader, lets you download APK-application files from Google Play on the personal computer.
Step 3: Start of ARC Welder "App Launcher Chrome" and select the desired folder button Choose.
Step 4: Click Add your APK in the expansion. After that, select the application you downloaded in step 2.
Step 5: Click Download ZIP, and then click Save to save the file in the folder specified in step 3.
Step 6: Open the folder and extract the contents of the ZIP-file (if necessary, add the file extension (.zip).
Step 7: In Google Chrome, go to Window -> Extensions and check "Developer mode".
Step 8: Click "Load unpacked extension" and select the folder where you extracted the contents of the ZIP-file (step 6).
Step 9: Open the application launch and run the program.
Thanks to Google Chrome browser extension ARC Welder mobile applications can be run on almost any computer. In addition, developers can now add their Android-development in the catalog Chrome.